Sandra Faye Photographer Diploma of Photography

Sandra Faye Photographer Diploma of Photography



Sandra Faye Photographer will introduce you to Photoshop at the beginners or intermediate levels. On a one to one basis, in her studio Sandra Faye will sit with you and teach you just  the parts of Photoshop you need to know  to help you cut through the confusion and show how you can take your images to a whole new level in photography.

Learn many useful tips and techniques including:

  • Exploring RAW files
  • Using bridge
  • Setting photoshop preferences
  • Understand the options bar
  • Which tools do photographers use

Introducing layers

  • Curves and levels
  • Hue and saturation

Plus other tips and tricks which you can learn at your own pace.

Intermediate level.

  • Selections and masking
  • Blending modes
  • Montages
  • Changing backgrounds
  • Actions and batching
  • Pattern making and more

Open up the power of digital imaging, learn Photoshop fundamentals and open a new world just waiting at your finger tips now.

Lesson Rates   $70  a lesson 75mins   

                         $140  double lesson  2.5 hours      

                         $650   Prepaid  10 lessons 

Interested, it may be easier than you think.

Contact Sandra Faye Photographer and make your booking now.