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 Today I spent the  morning with Sue Daley, Sue is a local Quilt designer, author of many quilting books and is sort after all over the world teaching and holding workshops in the art of quilting.. I have been working with Sue now for 7 or 8 years photographing her beautiful quilts for the front of her pattern covers and media releases with a few other fun projects along the way. Some of her pieces are very large and large art works can be very difficult  shoot.  I am able to photograph them flat on the floor getting high above them from my mezzanine floor.  This makes the process very much quicker and the artwork looks smooth and professional, without lumps and bumps from trying to hang it. 

Large art pieces can be posted or couriered to the studio and we can photograph them and then post them back to you the very next day. This works very well for my Victorian and South Australian clients.

..This is one of the quilts we shot this morning.